Additional steps to export system-generated log data

Kaizala: The Kaizala management portal lets you export an organization’s product and service usage data and then use Excel functionality to filter that data for a specific user. For detailed instructions, see Exporting organizational data in Kaizala.

Office Roaming Service: Office Roaming is a service that stores Office-related settings, such as Office theme, custom dictionary, language settings, developer mode, and auto correct. For instructions on how to export this data, see Exporting Data from Office Roaming Service.

Workplace Analytics: The data log export tool provides usage data for those users in your organization who have permission to run Workplace Analytics reports. Workplace Analytics also computes and stores pseudonymized data derived from Office 365 data to improve performance. If you would like to make this pseudonymized data available to a user and need assistance, contact Microsoft Support.

Yammer: The Yammer admin center lets you export a user’s account activity data. When you export the user’s data, you receive an email message containing the user’s account activity data. You can provide this information to the user if you choose. For detailed instructions, see Yammer Enterprise: Privacy.

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