Set Ignore Text option for Analyze in Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery


Advanced eDiscovery requires an Office 365 E3 with the Advanced Compliance add-on or an E5 subscription for your organization. If you don't have that plan and want to try Advanced eDiscovery, you can sign up for a trial of Office 365 Enterprise E5.

The Ignore Text feature can be applied to all or any of the following Advanced eDiscovery modules: Analyze (Near-duplicates, Email Threads, Themes) and Relevance. Ignored text will not appear in files displayed in Relevance, and the analysis/calculations will discard the ignored text.

If the Ignore Text feature was previously defined for modules that have already run, the Ignore Text setting will now be protected from being modified. However, the Ignore Text feature for the Relevance module can still be changed at any time.

How Ignore Text filters are applied

Multiple Ignore Text filters are applied in the order that they were entered. To change the order in which they are applied, they must be deleted and re-entered in the desired order.

For example, if the text content is: "DAVE BOB ALICE CAROL EVE", the following are samples of Ignore Text entries and the results:

Ignore Text entries

The second Ignore Text entry is not implemented because the string is not found as such AFTER the first Ignore Text has been applied.

Use regular expressions when defining Ignore Text

Regular expressions are supported for use when defining Ignore Text. The following are examples of regular expression syntax and usage:

  • To remove (ignore) text from Begin until the end of a line:


    where "Begin" is the initial occurrence of this string in the line.

    For example, for the following text:

    "This is first sentence and first line

    This is second sentence and second line"

    the Regular Expression first(.*)$ will result in:

    "This is

    This is second sentence and second line"

  • To remove disclaimers and legal statements automatically inserted at the end of email threads:


    where "Begin" and "End" are unique strings at the beginning and end of a wrapped text paragraph.

    For example, the following regular expression will remove disclaimers and legal statements that were in the email thread between the Begin and End strings:

    This message contains confidential information (.|\s)*If verification is required please request a hard-copy version

  • To remove a disclaimer (including special characters):

    For example, for the following text (with the disclaimer represented here by x's):

    /*\ This message contains confidential information. xxxx xxxx

    xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

    *xxxx xxxx If verification is required, please request a hard-copy version. /**

    the regular expression to remove the above disclaimer should be:

    /\\ This message contains confidential information.(.|\s)* If verification is required please request a hard-copy version. /\\

  • Regular expression rules:

    • Any characters that are not part of the alphabet except for space(s), "_" and "-" must be preceded by "".

    • The regular eExpression field can be unlimited length.


For an explanation and detailed syntax of regular expressions, see: Regular Expression Language - Quick Reference.

Define Ignore Text rule

  1. In the Manage > Analyze > Analyze options tab, in the Ignore Text section, click the + icon to add a rule.

  2. In the Add Ignore Text dialog, in the Name field, type a name for the Ignore Text rule.

    Add ignored text

  3. In the Text box, type the text to be ignored. The text field allows an unlimited number of characters.


    As shown in the window above, click light bulb to see common syntax guidelines for the Ignore Text rule.

  4. Select the Case sensitive check box, if desired.

  5. In the Apply to list, select the Advanced eDiscovery modules in which to apply the definition.

  6. If you want a test run on sample text, type sample text in the Input text box and click Test. The results are displayed in the Output text box.

  7. Click OK to save the Ignore Text rule. The defined Ignore Text rule is displayed.

    Set ignored text name

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