Find deployment help

There are a few ways to get help with your education deployment.

  1. FastTrack Center

    FastTrack eligibility for EDU includes the Office 365 A3 and A5 plans, Intune EDU standalone plans, Windows 10 A3 and A5 plans for 150 paid licenses or more for FastTrack center or FastTrack architect for 20,000 paid licenses or more. No-cost plans like Office 365 A1 or student use benefit plan are not eligible. Click here to begin with FastTrack.

  2. SDS onboarding team

    Most of the guidance in this documentation is focused on single tenant deployments, and cloud or hybrid deployments. For multi-tenant, mega-tenant, and complex deployments, please contact our SDS onboarding team who can assist you with the best way to get started.

  3. Microsoft Premier support

    Find out how to access Microsoft's Premier paid support for help with more complex or larger deployments.