Add or remove a geo administrator in Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo

You can configure separate administrators for each geo location that you have in your tenant. These administrators will have access to the SharePoint Online and OneDrive settings that are specific to their geo location.

Some services - such as the term store - are administered from the central location and replicated to satellite locations. The geo admin for the central location has access to these, whereas geo admins for satellite locations don't.

Global administrators and SharePoint Online administrators continue to have access to settings in the central location and all satellite locations.

Configuring geo administrators

Configuring geo admins requires SharePoint Online PowerShell module.

Use Connect-SPOService to connect to the admin center of the geo location where you want to add the geo admin. (For example, Connect-SPOService

To view the existing geo admins of a location, run Get-SPOGeoAdministrator

Adding a user as a geo admin

To add a user as a geo admin, run Add-SPOGeoAdministrator -UserPrincipalName <UPN>

To remove a user as a Geo Admin of a location, run Remove-SPOGeoAdministrator -UserPrincipalName <UPN>

Adding a group as a geo admin

You can add a security group or a mail-enabled security group as a geo admin. (Distribution groups and Microsoft 365 Groups are not supported.)

To add a group as a geo administrator, run Add-SPOGeoAdministrator -GroupAlias <alias>

To remove a group as a geo administrator, run Remove-SPOGeoAdministrator -GroupAlias <alias>

Note that not all security groups have a group alias. If you want to add a security group that does not have an alias, run Get-MsolGroup to retrieve a list of groups, find your security group's ObjectID, and then run:

Add-SPOGeoAdministrator -ObjectID <ObjectID>

To remove a group by using the ObjectID, run Remove-SPOGeoAdministrator -ObjectID <ObjectID>




Set an alias (MailNickName) for a security group