Service advisories for MRS source delays in Exchange Online monitoring

Mailbox Replication Service (MRS) source delay service advisories inform you of storage limitations or high processor utilization issues on the tenant side (migration source) that might be delaying mailbox migrations in your Microsoft 365 organization. These service advisories also include links to Microsoft resources to help you resolve these issues.

These service advisories are displayed in the Microsoft 365 admin center. To view these service advisories, go to Health > Service health > Exchange Online and then click the Active issues tab.

What do these service advisories indicate?

This service advisory informs you of potential delays to mailbox migrations in your organization. This includes cross-forest migrations, onboarding migrations, and offboarding migrations. The service advisory contains a table with information about the current migrations in your organization. Here's an example of the table with information about migration delays.

BatchGuid ExchangeGuid RequestGuid DelayReason QueuedHours DelayInHours SourceServer RemoteDatabaseName
12345678-1234-1234-1234-1234567891011 246c21f7-ca3c-4bba-ab5d-23456558c52a 3d7fab16-7d8e-4c81-a849-e0795054292a DiskLatency 35.2 27.3 RD1GBL01EXCH003 GBL01EDAG001-db002
87654321-4321-4321-4321-1101987654321 21e9a608-78c3-44ef-a4dd-d5e7222aae82 9974aeb4-2aa4-4a2c-aeb6-d94d78cc25c9 DiskLatency 0.4 0.9 RD1GBL01EXCH010 GBL01EDAG010-db003

The following list describes each column in the previous example.

  • BatchGuid: Unique GUID for the migration job.

  • ExchangeGuid: The globally unique identifier (GUID) of the user mailbox that's being migrated.

  • RequestGuid: The GUID of the migration request.

  • DelayReason: The reason for the delayed migration.

  • QueueHours: The duration the migration has been queued and waiting.

  • DelayInHours: The duration the migration has been delayed.

  • SourceServer: The on-premises server the migration originates from.

  • RemoteDatabaseName: The database name the migration originates from.

More information

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