Microsoft security guidance for political campaigns, nonprofits, and other agile organizations


If your organization is agile, you have a small IT team, and your threat profile is higher than average, this guidance is designed for you. This solution demonstrates how to quickly build an environment with essential cloud services that include secure controls from the start. This guidance includes prescriptive security recommendations for protecting data, identities, email, and access from mobile devices.

Security solution guidance

This guidance describes how to implement a secure cloud environment. The solution guidance can be used by any organization. It includes extra help for agile organizations with BYOD access and guest accounts. You can use this guidance as a starting-point for designing your own environment. We welcome your feedback at

Item Description
Microsoft Security Guidance for Political Campaigns
Political Campaigns
This guidance uses a political campaign organization as an example. Use this guidance as a starting point for any environment.

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Item Description
Microsoft Security Guidance for Nonprofits
This guide is slightly revised for nonprofit organizations. For example, it references Office 365 Nonprofit plans. The technical guidance is the same as the political campaign solution guide.

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Test Lab Guides

To create a dev/test environment for this solution, use the following:

  • Configure groups and users. Create Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) trial subscriptions with users and groups for a political campaign dev/test environment.
  • Create SharePoint Online team sites. Create public, private, sensitive, and highly confidential SharePoint Online team sites in your political campaign dev/test environment.

Next steps

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