Moving core data to new Microsoft 365 datacenter geos

We continue to open new datacenter geos for Microsoft 365 services. These new datacenter geos add capacity and compute resources to support our ongoing customer demand and usage growth. Additionally, the new datacenter geos offer in-geo data residency for core customer data.

Core customer data is a term that refers to a subset of customer data including:

  • Exchange Online mailbox content (email body, calendar entries, and the content of email attachments)
  • SharePoint Online site content and the files stored within that site
  • Files uploaded to OneDrive for Business
  • Teams chat messages, including private messages, channel messages, and images used in chats

Existing customers that have their core customer data stored in an already existing datacenter geo are not impacted by the launch of a new datacenter geo. We introduce no unique capabilities, features or compliance certifications with the new datacenter geo. As a customer in any of those two geos, you will experience the same quality of service, performance and security controls as you did before. We offer existing customers listed in the table below an option to request early migration of their organization's core customer data at rest to their new datacenter geo.

Customers with tenant signup country in Previous datacenter geo New datacenter geo Geo available since
Japan Asia/Pacific Japan December 2014
Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Asia/Pacific Australia March 2015
India Asia/Pacific India October 2015
Canada United States Canada May 2016
United Kingdom European Union United Kingdom September 2016
South Korea Asia/Pacific South Korea April 2017
France European Union France March 2018
United Arab Emirates European Union United Arab Emirates June 2019
South Africa European Union South Africa July 2019
Switzerland, Liechtenstein European Union Switzerland December 2019
Germany European Union Germany December 2019
Norway European Union Norway April 2020
Brazil Americas Brazil November 2020
Sweden European Union Sweden November 2021

As of October 1, 2020 customers with an Office 365 Education subscription included in the tenant are not eligible for migration.

A complete list of all datacenter geos, datacenters, and the location of customer data at rest is available as part of the interactive datacenter maps.

Data residency option

We provide a data residency option to eligible Microsoft 365 customers who are covered by the datacenter geos listed in the table above. With this option, eligible customers with data residency requirements can request migration of their organization's core customer data at rest to their new datacenter geo. Microsoft will offer a committed deadline to all eligible customers who request migration during the enrollment window. Review the How to request your data move page for more details about the open enrollment window for your datacenter geo and the steps to enroll into the program. Data moves can take up to 24 months after the request period ends to complete.

We introduce no unique capabilities, features or compliance certifications with the new datacenter geo.

The complexity, precision and scale at which we need to perform data moves within a globally operated and automated environment prohibit us from sharing when a data move is expected to complete for your tenant or any other single tenant. Customers will receive one confirmation in Message Center per participating service when its data move has completed.

Data moves are a back-end service operation with minimal impact to end-users. Features that can be impacted are listed on the During and after your data move page. We adhere to the Microsoft Online Services Service Level Agreement (SLA) for availability so there is nothing that customers need to prepare for or to monitor during the move. Notification of any service maintenance is done if needed.

Data moves to the new datacenter geo are completed at no additional cost to the customer.

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