How to request your data move


The information on this page only applies to customers who had existing Microsoft 365 tenants before the new datacenters in their datacenter geo opened. Migration eligibility also depends on the specific service provisioning date. The tenant creation date may not always be the single date that matters.

Eligible Microsoft 365 customers may request migration for their entire organization's core customer data at rest. The program supports requests for each country in the time period described in the table and from customers with an eligible signup country associated with their Microsoft 365 tenant.

When can I request a move?

Customers with signup country in Request period begins Request deadline
Japan Request period closed
Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Request period closed
India Request period closed
Canada Request period closed
United Kingdom Request period closed
South Korea Request period closed
France Request period closed
United Arab Emirates Request period closed
South Africa Request period closed
Switzerland, Liechtenstein Request period closed
Norway Request period closed
Germany Request period closed
Brazil Request period closed
Sweden November 16, 2021 May 31, 2022

How to request a move

Eligible customers will see a page in the Microsoft 365 admin center, which will allow them to request to have their core customer data moved to their new datacenter region.

To access the page in the Microsoft 365 admin center, in the navigation pane on the left, expand Settings, and then click Org Settings. Select the tab Organization profile, then select the option Data residency.

You will not see this section if your tenant is not eligible for the Microsoft 365 Move Program. If your organization has data residency requirements and you need to request migration, mark the checkbox and then Save.

Datacenter opt-in action screen.

The text in the Data residency will section change to indicate Your organization has requested to move its data to the appropriate country and date. You'll also have a confirmation message in your message center. This confirms that you have successfully requested a move.

What happens after requesting a move?

After requesting a move, we will plan to move your core customer data at rest for eligible Microsoft 365 services as quickly as our operational constraints allow. Due to the unpredictable nature of many of the constraints, we cannot share a specific date or timeframe for the moves. Customer tenant administrators will see a notification in Message Center after the move for each service has completed.

Moves may take up to 24 months from the request deadline for your country to complete.

Microsoft Teams

As of January 2020, customers in eligible Office 365 countries can opt-in for migration of Microsoft Teams chat service data. Customers that previously opted-in for a Data Residency move will also have Teams move to their local datacenter geo. No additional action is required by these customers.

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