Enhance your freelance programs with the Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit

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What's in the toolkit

Check out what's new in the Microsoft 365 toolkit.

The Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit is a collection of tools and best practices designed to augment your freelance program.

If you're working with freelancers, the freelance toolkit can help you:

  • Promote your freelance program and encourage more participation
  • Set up collaboration and project management spaces
  • Track progress, assess ROI, and analyze project data
  • Establish and automate related workflows

Check out this brief video to learn about how Microsoft's own internal freelance programs benefited from this toolkit.

Your tools

The toolkit includes four sets of tools and best practices you can use with your existing Microsoft 365 apps and services.

Tool 1: Promote your freelance program Tool 2: Collaborate with freelancers
a SharePoint communication site a Teams conversation
Set up a SharePoint site where your employees can learn about your freelance program and quickly start participating.
Use Teams to enable employees and freelancers to work together on files, manage tasks, and communicate across time zones.
Tool 3: Track & assess your program Tool 4: Automate tasks
a PowerBI dashboard a Visio representation of a workflow
Capture, track, and communicate KPIs for your enterprise freelance program with Power BI.
Reduce the need for manual completion of repetitive provisioning, compliance, and monitoring tasks with Power Automate.

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