Deploy a freelance program site on SharePoint

The Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit provides a template you can automatically provision to quickly deploy your own SharePoint communication site. On the site, you can promote your freelance program and allow employees to start participating. The site can host how they can get freelancers on their projects quickly and also share case studies on how other teams have used freelancers.

The SharePoint Online communication site template in the Microsoft 365 Freelance Toolkit.

Template contents

To get you started quickly, the template contains:

  • A welcome page
  • Five additional content pages
  • A sample PowerPoint file in the Documents folder
  • A sample image that is used in the template


To deploy your communication site using the provided template, you need:

Deploy the site

  1. Go to the SharePoint provisioning site. Choose Sign In and use your SharePoint admin credentials.
  2. Choose Add to your tenant.
  3. On the provisioning page, choose Provision.


If you experience issues signing in to the provisioning site, try using Google Chrome browser.

It takes about five minutes for provisioning to complete. After it has completed, open the site URL shown on the provisioning page to launch the template.

Next steps

The newly deployed site serves as a framework for your communications activities. To fully complete the site, proceed to customize its contents.

Icon Link and description
a download symbol. Customize site contents. Understand the value of the site and review common user questions to be able to frame its contents.

Questions and feedback

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