Customize the contents of your freelance communication site

Drive awareness and participation in your freelance program through an engaging SharePoint communication site.

SharePoint communication sites aren’t limited to the content on the front page. With secondary pages, lists, and libraries, these sites are places on the intranet for teams to gather and track data, share news, tasks and deadlines, and connect to resources they need across Office 365 and other services.

Populate the site template

After you deploy your freelance communication site using the provided template, the site will use the following home page layout by default.

SharePoint communication site with hero and people web parts.

To help you start developing content for your SharePoint communication site, the Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit provides the following resources in PDF.

Icon Link and description
a lightbulb symbol with a checkmark. Use cases Show your employees the kinds of projects they can get done with freelancers.
a question mark symbol. FAQ Answer these common questions that your employees might have.

Along with the provided starter documents, read the best practices to learn from what's worked for us. They provide valuable tips about handling internal communications regarding your enterprise freelance program.

Icon Link and description
a ribbon. Best practices for internal communication. Learn what's worked for us with these tips on handling internal communication about your enterprise freelance program.

Enhance your communication site further

While the resources included in this toolkit give you a great starting point, you will need to further customize your site so that it reflects the specifics of your organization. You can do this work yourself, but another option is to engage a freelancer to help with customization.

This job description can help you find a freelancer with the right skill set to fully build your SharePoint communication site:

Job description
SharePoint consultant/architect needed to customize a communication site
Looking for a SharePoint Online consultant/architect to set up a portal site that hosts employee communications, documents, and calendar events. Site should be built so that we can leverage features, workflows, checklists, and approvals to enable automation.

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