Create a Power BI dashboard for your freelance program

Capture, track, and communicate program metrics, compare freelance KPIs to contingent program options, and identify groups that leverage the program effectively using Power BI, a suite of business analytics tools that connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad-hoc analysis. Along with publishing beautiful reports your organization can consume on the web and across mobile devices, Power BI scales across the enterprise with governance and security built-in.

If you use Upwork for your freelance program, you can use our the Power BI connector to set up a rich dashboard where you can actively track and assess the performance of your programs.

Hook up Power BI with the Upwork API

Use the Power BI custom data connector we've shared on GitHub to connect to the Upwork API and pull data related to your freelance program.

Download and learn how to use the Upwork API connector

Create a Power BI dashboard

The same GitHub repo for the data connector includes a Power BI report file, Upwork_Report.pbit, which you can use to set up a dashboard and start analyzing your data quickly. The report provides visual summaries associated with your freelance program on Upwork, including your spending trends, contract statuses (active or closed) and durations, as well as job fill rates.

The landing page of the report, before any customization, is shown below.

Power BI report for Upwork connector.

After you've set up the connector, you can start using the report by opening Upwork_Report.pbit on Power BI Desktop.

Download the report file (Go to the latest folder under powerbi-upwork/build/)

Customize your dashboard

While the connector and report file included in this toolkit will give you a starting point, there will still be work to customize a dashboard that reflects the specifics of your enterprise. You can do this work yourself, but another option is to engage a freelancer to help with customization.

Here's a job description that you could use to engage a qualified freelancer to help customize your Power BI dashboard:

Job description
Power BI consultant/architect needed to customize a dashboard
Looking for an experienced individual with advanced skills in Power BI to build dashboards and data visualizations for our key KPIs.
We will provide the Excel/Azure data, which needs to be converted into a consumable format for management that will help aid business decisions. We will need assistance with logical design, physical design, implementation, testing, and deployment of the end-to-end solution. The Power BI developer should have a firm grasp of BI implementation methodologies and will have had in-depth experience with the Microsoft BI stack (SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS).
Specific technical skills desired include: Relational database and SQL language, analytics/OLAP cube development, report development.

Next steps

Your newly deployed Power BI dashboard will give you visibility into your freelance program. To learn how you can take full advantage of the dashboard, learn from our own experiences.

Check out how a Procurement Director at Microsoft and his team of sourcing managers measured the impact of our freelance program. Review the best practices to learn from their experiences.

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