Resources about the Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit

Use these videos, infographics, and slides to drive stakeholder discussions about how your existing investments in Microsoft 365 can help support your enterprise freelance program.


Overview of Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit

Using Microsoft Teams as a hub for teamwork between full time employees and freelancers

Engaging freelancers for Office templates


Presentation: Embracing freelance within your enterprise

Use this presentation as a starting point to drive awareness and understanding of freelance within the enterprise.

Presentation: Embracing freelance within your enterprise


Image Link and description
Freelance program infographic Freelance program Understand the steps to launch a freelance program in your organization with this infographic.
Internal communications infographic Internal communications Drive awareness amongst internal stakeholders and adopters with this visual one-page guide to your internal communication site.
Team collaboration infographic Team collaboration Share how your organization can internally transform the way you communicate, collaborate, and project manage a hybrid full-time-employee and freelance workforce.
Data analytics infographic Data analytics Share how your organization can use data analytics to measure the success of your freelance program.
Workflow automation infographic Workflow automation Share how your organization can automate workflows easily with Microsoft Power Automate.

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