Automate workflows for your freelance program

An enterprise freelance program requires provisioning, compliance, and monitoring, all while providing a frictionless process for your employees.

To reduce the need for manual completion of repetitive tasks, the Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit recommends using Microsoft Power Automate. With Power Automate, you can create automated workflows between apps and services, send notifications, synchronize files, and collect data.

Freelance workflow automation at Microsoft

Our freelance program managers at Microsoft have automated various workflows critical to sustaining and scaling our operations:

  • Employee training and compliance. By visiting the freelance program SharePoint communication site, employees can sign up for the pilot by completing a compliance training video supported by Microsoft Stream.
  • Internal community signup. After an employee completes the compliance training video, the employee is automatically added to an internal Teams channel where employees can collaborate with others who are part of the program and share experiences.
  • Upwork account creation. After the employee is added to the Teams channel, their account information, which includes their name and email address is sent to Upwork for account creation on their platform. From there, they can start posting jobs and initiate engagement with freelancers.

To learn how your organization can start identifying workflow automation scenarios, refer to our best practices.

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a ribbon Best practices for workflow automation. Learn what's worked for us with these tips on automating workflow tasks in an enterprise freelance program.

Start automating

Once you have defined how your enterprise freelance program will work, you can use Power Automate to connect systems together and automate aspects of provisioning, compliance, and monitoring.

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a workflow diagram Automate workflows. Use your existing investment in Microsoft Power Automate to automate some of your freelance scenarios.

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