Get your users ready to use devices

Once a Microsoft Managed Desktop device is in the hands of your user, getting started with it is fast and easy. Devices come pre-configured with the current version of Windows and configurations and apps are installed from the cloud as the user completes setup.

To make this even easier, we offer a guide that walks your users through the initial setup and provides help resources both for the setup and for use later, if needed. You can customize this guide to include certain details specific to your organization. You then distribute the guide directly to your users along with their device.

To prepare the guide

  1. Download the guide: Microsoft Managed Desktop - Get started with your device.
  2. Use any app capable of opening PDF files to fill in details relevant to your organization:
    • The name of the network your users should connect to in order to continue setup (Step 3 in the guide)
    • The name of your organization's Azure tenant account (Step 4 in the guide)
    • Contact information for your organization's internal IT support (top of second page)
  3. Save the edited PDF, and then distribute to your users.

"Ready-to-use guide"

We also provide a more generic version of the guide for those organizations that don't need to customize it.

Just download the guide: Microsoft Managed Desktop - Get started with your device (ready to use).

At this point, you're ready to move on to deploying apps:

Steps to get started with Microsoft Managed Desktop

  1. Access admin portal.
  2. Add and verify admin contacts in the Admin portal.
  3. Adjust settings after enrollment.
  4. Deploy and assign Intune Company Portal.
  5. Assign licenses.
  6. Deploy apps.
  7. Set up devices.
  8. Set up first-run experience with Autopilot and the Enrollment Status Page.
  9. Enable user support features.
  10. Get your users ready to use devices (this article).
  11. Get started with app control.