Microsoft Managed Desktop archived devices

To assure the best user experience, Microsoft Managed Desktop retires support for devices at a certain point. This topic lists devices that are nearing retirement in the next few years, which we call "archived." If you're getting started with Microsoft Managed Desktop by using devices you already have, you should check this list carefully.


You can still enroll these devices today, but they will have a shorter service life with Microsoft Managed Desktop. If you are buying new devices, you should use models from the list of active devices.

To be enrolled in Microsoft Managed Desktop a device must be one of the following models and meet or exceed the listed specifications for RAM, processor family, and disk space. No other customization is supported.

The links to devices here are for your reference only. If you want to order devices, work with your commercial channel contacts to ensure that you choose the correct configurations.


In this table, the "retirement date" is the date on which this model will no longer be supported by Microsoft Managed Desktop at all. On that date, all enrolled devices of this model will be removed from Microsoft Managed Desktop, no matter when they were enrolled.

Microsoft Managed Desktop archived devices

Model Minimum specs Additional requirements Retirement date
Surface Laptop 256 GB / Intel i5 / 8 GB RAM None May 20, 2022
Surface Pro 256 GB / Intel i5 / 8 GB RAM None Jun 15, 2022

In addition, the device must also:

  • Have an image approved by Microsoft Managed Desktop. When you order devices, make sure you specify that they are being used with Microsoft Managed Desktop.
  • Not have completed the Windows first-run experience.
  • Be registered with Microsoft Managed Destkop using the Device Registration feature

Additional help

These resources can help answer questions that you might have about specific devices: