Device names

Microsoft Managed Desktop uses Windows Autopilot, Azure Active Directory, and Microsoft Intune. For these services to work together seamlessly, devices need consistent, standardized names. Microsoft Managed Desktop applies a standardized name format (of the form MMD-%RAND11) when devices are enrolled. Windows Autopilot assigns these names. For more information about Autopilot, see First-run experience with Autopilot and the Enrollment Status Page.

Automated name changes

If a device gets renamed later, Microsoft Managed Desktop will automatically rename it to a new name in the standardized format. This process occurs every four hours. The name change takes place the next time the user restarts the device.


If your environment depends on specific device names (for example, to support a particular network configuration), you should investigate options to remove that dependency before enrolling in Microsoft Managed Desktop. If you must keep the name dependency, you can submit a request through the Admin portal to disable the renaming function and use your desired name format.