Overview of Microsoft Defender Security Center

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Microsoft Defender Security Center is the portal where you can access Microsoft Defender for Endpoint capabilities.

Use the Security operations dashboard to gain insight on the various alerts on devices and users in your network.

Use the Threat & Vulnerability Management dashboard to expand your visibility on the overall security posture of your organization. You'll see devices that require attention and recommendations that can help you reduce the attack surface in your organization.

Use the Threat analytics dashboard to continually assess and control risk exposure to Spectre and Meltdown.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint interactive guide

In this interactive guide, you'll learn how to investigate threats to your organization with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. You'll see how Microsoft Defender for Endpoint can help you identify suspicious activities, investigate risks to your organization, and remediate threats.

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Topic Description
Portal overview Understand the portal layout and area descriptions.
View the Security operations dashboard The Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Security operations dashboard provides a snapshot of your network. You can view aggregates of alerts, the overall status of the service of the devices on your network, investigate devices, files, and URLs, and see snapshots of threats seen on devices.
View the Threat & Vulnerability Management dashboard The Threat & Vulnerability Management dashboard lets you view exposure and Microsoft Secure Score for Devices side-by-side with top security recommendations, software vulnerability, remediation activities, and exposed devices.
View the Threat analytics dashboard and take recommended mitigation actions The Threat analytics dashboard helps you continually assess and control risk exposure to threats. Use the charts to quickly identify devices for the presence or absence of mitigations.