Create a Microsoft 365 Defender trial lab or pilot environment


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Applies to:

  • Microsoft 365 Defender

This guide helps you work across setting up a lab environment with users and groups, then guides you through the configuration of the capabilities in Microsoft 365 Defender so that you can mimic a threat attack and obtain a meaningful trial result.

The purpose of creating this trial lab or pilot environment is to illustrate the comprehensive and integrated Microsoft 365 Defender capabilities. Experience how this intelligent security solution detects, prevents, automatically investigates, and responds to advanced threats your organization.

You will be guided through the steps to start your Microsoft 365 Defender evaluation based on the recommended deployment paths. The goal is to help you set up the security solution either in a lab environment with a trial account, or in a pilot environment in production with a full license. Preparing your trial lab or pilot environment can help you present security operation use cases to decision makers in your organization. When you’re done running your attack simulations and are satisfied with the results, you can fully deploy and operationalize it in your organization with the help of Microsoft Technical Sales Professionals or experts in your organization.

This guide will help you:

  • Set up your lab server and computers
  • Configure Active Directory with users and groups
  • Set up and configure Microsoft Defender for Identity, Microsoft Defender for Office 365, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Set up local policies for your server and computers
  • Mimic a threat attack to generate a test incident or alert in Microsoft 365 Defender


For optimum results, follow the lab setup instructions as closely as possible.

Deployment phases

There are three phases in creating a Microsoft 365 Defender trial lab environment.

Deployment phases: prepare, setup, onboard

Phase Description
Phase 1: Prepare Learn what you need to consider when deploying Microsoft 365 Defender in a trial lab or pilot environment:

- Stakeholders and sign-off
- Environment considerations
- Access
- Azure Active Directory setup
- Configuration order
Phase 2: Setup Take the initial steps to access Microsoft 365 Security Center to set up your Microsoft 365 Defender trial lab or pilot environment. You'll be guided to:

- Sign up for Microsoft 365 E5 Trial
- Configure domain
- Assign Microsoft 365 E5 licenses
- Complete the setup wizard in the portal
Phase 3: Configure & Onboard Configure each Microsoft 365 Defender pillar and onboard endpoints. You'll be guided to:

- Configure Microsoft Defender for Office 365
- Configure Microsoft Cloud App Security
- Configure Microsoft Defender for Identity
- Configure Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

After you've completed this guide, you would have identified the stakeholders involved and the required approvals, have the right access permissions, signed up for trial, configured domains and each of the Microsoft 365 Defender pillars, and your endpoints will be onboarded to the service.

Key capabilities

While Microsoft 365 Defender provides many capabilities, the primary purpose of this deployment guide is to get you started by onboarding devices. In addition to onboarding, this guidance gets you started with the following capabilities.

Capability Description
Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Helps protect your entire Office 365 envrionment from today's threats
Microsoft Defender for Identity Identifies and detects threats on compromised identities and malicious insider actions.
Microsoft Cloud App Security Provides rich visibility, control data travel, and detect cyberthreats across cloud services.
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Prevents, detects, and provides response capabilities to advanced threats with comprehensive endpoint security.

In scope

The following tasks are in scope for this guide:

  • Set up Azure Active Directory
  • Set up Microsoft 365 Defender
    • Sign up for Microsoft 365 E5 Trial or use your full license if you're running a pilot
    • Configure domain
    • Assign Microsoft 365 E5 licenses
    • Completing the setup wizard within the portal
  • Configure all Microsoft 365 Defender pillars based on best practices
    • Microsoft Defender for Office 365
    • Microsoft Defender for Identity
    • Microsoft Cloud App Security
    • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Out of scope

The following are out of scope of this deployment guide:

  • Configuration of third-party solutions that might integrate with Microsoft 365 Defender
  • Penetration testing in production environment

Next step

Phase 1: Prepare
Prepare your Microsoft 365 Defender trial lab or pilot environment