The improved Microsoft 365 security center is now available in public preview. This new experience brings Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Office 365, Microsoft 365 Defender, and more into the Microsoft 365 security center. Security teams can now manage all endpoint, email and cross product investigations, configuration and remediation without the need to navigate to separate product portals. Learn more about what's changed.

Applies to:

  • Microsoft 365 Defender


Some information relates to prereleased product which may be substantially modified before it's commercially released. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided here.

Currently available in preview, the CloudAppEvents table in the advanced hunting schema contains information about activities in various cloud apps and services, specifically Microsoft Teams and Exchange Online. Use this reference to construct queries that return information from this table.

This table will expand to include more activities monitored by Microsoft Cloud App Security. Eventually, this table will include file activity currently stored in the AppFileEvents table. Microsoft will provide additional guidance as more data moves to this table.

For information on other tables in the advanced hunting schema, see the advanced hunting reference.

Column name Data type Description
Timestamp datetime Date and time when the event was recorded
ActionType string Type of activity that triggered the event
Application string Application that performed the recorded action
ApplicationId string Unique identifier for the application
AccountObjectId string Unique identifier for the account in Azure Active Directory
AccountDisplayName string Name of the account user displayed in the address book. Typically a combination of a given or first name, a middle initiation, and a last name or surname.
IsAdminOperation string Indicates whether the activity was performed by an administrator
DeviceType string Type of device based on purpose and functionality, such as "Network device", "Workstation", "Server", "Mobile", "Gaming console", or "Printer"
OSPlatform string Platform of the operating system running on the device. This column indicates specific operating systems, including variations within the same family, such as Windows 10 and Windows 7.
IPAddress string IP address assigned to the endpoint and used during related network communications
IsAnonymousProxy string Indicates whether the IP address belongs to a known anonymous proxy
CountryCode string Two-letter code indicating the country where the client IP address is geolocated
City string City where the client IP address is geolocated
Isp string Internet service provider (ISP) associated with the IP address
UserAgent string User agent information from the web browser or other client application
ActivityType string Type of activity that triggered the event
ActivityObjects string List of objects, such as files or folders, that were involved in the recorded activity
ObjectName string Name of the object that the recorded action was applied to
ObjectType string Type of object, such as a file or a folder, that the recorded action was applied to
ObjectId string Unique identifier of the object that the recorded action was applied to
ReportId string Unique identifier for the event
RawEventData string Raw event information from the source application or service in JSON format
AdditionalFields string Additional information about the entity or event