Checklist: Administer the AGPM Server and Archive

In Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM), both the AGPM Service and the archive are managed by AGPM Administrators (Full Control). The following are typical tasks for an AGPM Administrator.

Frequent Task Reference

Delegate access to Group Policy Objects (GPOs) in the archive.

Delegate Domain-Level Access to the Archive

Delegate Access to an Individual GPO in the Archive

Back up the archive to enable disaster recovery.

Back Up the Archive

Infrequent Task Reference

Restore the archive from a backup to recover from a disaster.

Restore the Archive from a Backup

Move the AGPM Service, the archive, or both to a different server.

Move the AGPM Server and the Archive

Change the archive path, the AGPM Service Account, or the port on which the AGPM Service listens.

Modify the AGPM Service

Troubleshoot common problems with the AGPM Server.

Troubleshooting AGPM

Configure Logging and Tracing

Additional references