Test a GPO in a Separate Organizational Unit

If you use a testing organizational unit (OU) to test Group Policy Objects (GPOs) within the same domain before deployment to the production environment, you must have the necessary permissions to access the test OU. Using a test OU is optional.

To use a test OU

  1. Although you have the GPO checked out for editing, in the Group Policy Management Console, click Group Policy Objects in the forest and domain in which you are managing GPOs.

  2. Click the checked out copy of the GPO to be tested. The name will be preceded by [AGPM]. (If it is not listed, click Action, then Refresh. Sort the names alphabetically, and [AGPM] GPOs will typically appear at the top of the list.)

  3. Drag the GPO to the test OU.

  4. Click OK in the dialog box that asks whether to create a link to the GPO in the test OU.

Additional considerations

  • When testing is complete, checking in the GPO automatically deletes the link to the checked-out copy of the GPO.

Additional references