About the Properties Tab

Use the Properties tab to view basic statistical information about a sequenced application package. The information is automatically generated unless otherwise noted. This tab contains the following elements.

Package Information

Package Name
The single name used for a sequenced application package that might contain one or more applications—for example, Microsoft Office could be used to label a sequenced application package that contains Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel applications that run in the same virtual environment.

Displays a short description of the software package that will appear in the Open Software Descriptor (OSD) file ABSTRACT element. This item is optional.

Package Version
The sequenced application package version.

Package GUID
The globally unique identifier (GUID) automatically assigned to the sequenced application package to distinguish it from other sequenced application packages that might be running on the computer to which a sequenced application package is streamed.

Package Version GUID
The sequenced application package version GUID.

Root Directory
The directory on the sequencing computer in which files for the sequenced application package are installed. This directory is also created on the computer to which a sequenced application package will be streamed. It is recommended for backwards compatibility that this be an 8.3 format directory name at the root of the Q drive, such as Q:\MyApp.1\.

The date and time the sequenced application package was created.

The date and time the sequenced application package was last modified.

Package Size
The size of the package in megabytes.

Launch Size
The size in megabytes of the portion of the SFT file that is required to start the application.

Sequencing Parameters

Block Size
Specifies the size of the primary and secondary feature blocks into which the SFT file is divided for streaming across a network. All blocks equal the specified size; however, the last block might be smaller than specified. You will see one of the following values:

  • 4 KB

  • 16 KB

  • 32 KB

  • 64 KB

After the initial package has been created, the block size value is not changeable.

How to Change Package Properties

Sequencer Console