App-V Pre-Installation Checklist

The following checklist is intended to provide a high-level list of items to consider and outlines the steps you should take before you install the Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) servers.

Step Reference

Ensure your computing environment meets the supported configurations required for App-V.

Application Virtualization Deployment Requirements

Configure the necessary Active Directory groups and accounts.

Configuring Prerequisite Groups in Active Directory for App-V

Configure the Internet Information Services (IIS) settings on the server that is running IIS.

How to Configure Windows Server 2008 for App-V Management Servers

Configure the server that is running IIS to be trusted for delegation.


This is required only if you are installing the App-V Management Server by using a distributed system architecture, that is, if you install the App-V Management Console, the Management Web Service, and the database on different computers.

How to Configure the Server to be Trusted for Delegation

Install Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

Install SQL Server 2008 (

Application Virtualization Deployment and Upgrade Checklists

App-V Installation Checklist