How to Add a Package

You can add a package from the Application Virtualization Server Management Console in the following ways:

  • Import an application, which creates the package automatically in the process.

  • Add a package manually.

It is recommended that you import applications instead of adding them manually. For more information about importing applications, see How to Import an Application.

To add a package manually

  1. In the Application Virtualization Server Management Console, right-click the Packages node in the left pane and choose New Package.

  2. In the New Package dialog box, type a name in the Package Name field.

  3. Browse for or type a path name in the Full path for package file field. This must be an SFT file.

    If you browse to the SFT file, replace the local path (such as C:\Program Files\User_Apps\Virtual_App_Server\content) with the server's static host name or IP address. Using the variable %SFT_SOFTGRIDSERVER% requires per-client computer configuration.

    In dialog boxes that refer to Virtual Application Servers, you must use a network location, such as the server's static host name or IP address, that your users can access. The application's Open Software Descriptor (OSD) file can replace the placeholder variable %SFT_SOFTGRIDSERER% with the server's static host name or IP address. If you leave the placeholder variable, you must set this variable on each client computer that will access that server. Set a User or System variable on each computer for SFT_SOFTGRIDSERVER. The variable value must be the server's static host name or IP address. If you set a variable, exit the Client session, log out of and back into Microsoft Windows, and then restart the session on each computer that had a session running and had the variable set.

  4. Click Next.

  5. The Summary dialog box shows the file location and prompts you to copy the file to the location if you have not already done so. Click Finish after you have verified the information.

    If you are managing applications on a remote server, in the next dialog box, type only the path of the file relative to the server's content root.

How to Import an Application

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