How to Change the Server Port

From the Application Virtualization Server Management Console, you can use the following procedure to change the server communication port for any server.

To change the server port

  1. Click the Server Groups node in the left pane to expand the list of server groups.

  2. In the Results pane, double-click the desired server group to display the list of servers in the group.

  3. In the Results pane, right-click the desired server and select Properties.

  4. Select the Ports tab.

  5. Enter the Port number.

    The port number can be any value between 1 and 65,535. The default values are 554 for RTSP and 322 for RTSPS.

  6. Click OK to change the port number.

  7. Click OK to exit the dialog box.

  8. Click OK at the prompt.

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