How to Create an App-V Project Template (App-V 4.6 SP1)

You can use an App-V project template to save commonly applied settings associated with an existing virtual application package. These settings can then be applied when you create new virtual application packages in your environment which can help streamline the process of creating virtual application packages.

Note   You can only apply an App-V project template when you are creating a new virtual application package. Applying project templates to existing virtual application packages is not supported.

For more information about applying an App-V project template, see How to Apply an App-V Project Template (App-V 4.6 SP1).

App-V project templates differ from App-V Application Accelerators because App-V Application Accelerators are application-specific, and App-V project templates can be applied to multiple applications. Additionally, you cannot use a project template when you use a Package Accelerator to create a virtual application package.

The following general settings are saved with an App-V project template:

  • Advanced Monitoring Options. Enables Microsoft Update to run during monitoring, Rebase .dll’s.

  • Package Deployment Settings. Contains Protocol, Host Name, Port, Path, Operating Systems, Enforce Security Descriptors, Create MSI, Compress Package.

  • General Options. Allows you to Generate Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) package, Allow Virtualization of Events, Allow Virtualization of Services, Append Package Version to Filename.

  • Exclusion Items. Contains the Exclusion pattern list.

To create a project template

  1. To start the App-V Sequencer, on the computer that is running the App-V Sequencer, click Start / All Programs / Microsoft Application Virtualization / Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer.

  2. If the virtual application package is currently open in the App-V Sequencer, skip to step 3 of this procedure. To open the existing virtual application package that contains the settings you want to save with the App-V project template, click File / Open and click Edit Package. On the Select Package page, click Browse and locate the virtual application package that you want to open. Click Edit.

  3. In the App-V Sequencer console, click File / Save As Template. After you have reviewed the settings that will be saved with the new template, click OK. Specify a name that will be associated with the new App-V project template. Click Save.

    The new App-V project template is saved in the directory specified in step 3 of this procedure.

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How to Apply an App-V Project Template (App-V 4.6 SP1)