How to Create the Sequencer Package Root Directory

The package root directory is the directory on the computer running the App-V Sequencer where files for the sequenced application are installed. This directory also exists virtually on the computer to which a sequenced application will be streamed. You should create the package root directory before you monitor the installation of a new application.

After you have created the package root directory, you can begin sequencing applications. For more information about sequencing a new application, see How to Sequence an Application.

To create the package root directory

  1. To create the package root directory, on the computer running the App-V Sequencer, map the Q:\ drive to the specified network location. The location you specify should have sufficient space to save the application you are sequencing.

  2. To create a directory that you can use for a new virtual application, create a folder on the Q:\ drive and assign it a name.

    Important   The name you assign to virtual application files that will be saved in the package root directory should use the 8.3 naming format. The file names should be no longer than 8 characters with a three-character file name extension.

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