How to Grant Access to an Application

As the administrator, you can use the Application Virtualization Server Management Console to determine which users can access which applications. You can do this when you import the Sequencer Project (SPRJ) or Open Software Descriptor (OSD) file or at anytime using the application's Properties dialog box. With both methods, use the Access Permissions options to add users.

To grant access to an application

  1. For an existing application, click the Applications node in the left pane. Right-click an application in the right pane, and choose Properties.

  2. Select the Access Permissions tab.

  3. To add user groups, click Add.

  4. In the Add/Edit User Group dialog box, navigate to the user group. You can also enter the domain and group by typing the information in the respective fields.

  5. Click OK. You can add other groups with the same pages.

  6. When the wizard reappears, click OK.

    Note   You must set up your groups in Active Directory Domain Services before you attempt to grant access to applications.

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