How to Install the Management Web Service

Use the following procedure to install the Application Virtualization Management Web Service on a target computer on the network, with a logon account having local administrative privileges. Although it is not required, we recommended that you install this component on your Web server.

To install the Management Web Service

  1. Verify that no previous versions of the Application Virtualization Web Service are installed on your target computer.

  2. Navigate to the location of the Application Virtualization System setup program on the network, either run this program from the network or copy its directory to the target computer, and then double-click Setup.exe.

  3. After the Installation Wizard opens, on the Welcome page, click Next.

  4. On the License Agreement page, to accept the license agreement, select I accept the license terms and conditions, and then click Next.

  5. On the Registration Information page, specify the User Name and organization information, and then click Next.

  6. On the Setup Type page, click Custom, and then click Next.

    Note   If this is not the first component you installed on this computer, the Program Maintenance page is displayed. On the Program Maintenance page, click Modify.

  7. On the Custom Setup page, clear all Application Virtualization System components except App Virt Management Service, and then click Next.

    Note   If a component is already installed on the computer, by clearing it on the Custom Setup page, you will automatically uninstall it.

  8. On the Database Server page, click Connect to available database, and then click Next.

    Note   In a production environment, Microsoft assumes that you will connect to an existing database. If you want to install a database, see How to Install a Database. After installing the database, continue with step 13.

  9. On the Database Server Type page, select a database type from the list, and then click Next.

  10. On the Database Server Location page, select a database server from the list of available servers or add a server by selecting the Use the following host name check box and entering information in the Server Name and Port Number boxes, and then click Next.

  11. On the Select Database page, select the database you want, and then click Next.

  12. On the Database User Configuration page, enter the credentials that the Management Web Service will use to access the data store, and then click Next.

  13. On the Ready to Modify the Program page, click Install.

    Note   If this is the first component you install, the Ready to Install the Program page is displayed. On the page, click Install.

  14. On the Installation Wizard Completed page, click Finish.

How to Install the Servers and System Components