How to Upgrade a Package Using the Open Package Command

Use the Open Package command to upgrade or apply an update to a sequenced application package. When you upgrade an existing virtual application package using the command line, the original version of the .sft file is deleted. You should backup the associated .sft file before upgrading the package using the command line.

To upgrade a package using the Open Package command

  1. To open the package that will be upgraded, in the Application Virtualization (App-V) console select File, Open Package for Upgrade. In the Open dialog box, select the package that will be upgraded.

  2. To start the Sequencing wizard, select Tools, Sequencing Wizard. Complete the wizard applying the configuration changes, to save the new sequenced application, select File, Save.

  3. To append the version number to the package name, in the Sequencer console, select Tools, Options. Select Append Package Version to Filename. Click OK.

    Updating the file name with the package version is essential to successfully completing the upgrade.

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