Software Audit Report

Use the Software Audit Report to list the usage information during the reporting period for all applications defined in the database. You can use this report to determine which applications are the most heavily used.

For each application, the Software Audit Report lists the following information:

  • Number of sessions—Number of times an application was used

The Software Audit Report also includes a summary of the total usage per application.

When you create a report, you specify the parameters that are used for collecting the data when the report is run.

Reports are not run automatically; you must run them explicitly to generate output data. The length of time it takes to run this report is determined by the amount of data collected in the data store.

After you run a report and the output is displayed in the Application Virtualization Server Management Console, you can export the report into the following formats:

  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

  • Microsoft Office Excel

How to Create a Report

How to Delete a Report

How to Export a Report

How to Print a Report

How to Run a Report