How to Add or Upgrade Packages by Using the Management Console

You can the following procedure to add or upgrade a package to the App-V 5.0 Management Console. To upgrade a package that already exists in the Management Console, use the following steps and import the upgraded package using the same package Name.

To add a package to the Management Console

  1. Click the Packages tab in the navigation pane of the Management Console display.

    The console displays the list of packages that have been added to the server along with status information about each package. When a package is selected, detailed information about the package is displayed in the PACKAGES pane.

    Click the Ungrouped drop-down list box and specify how the packages are to be displayed in the console. You can also click the associated column header to sort the packages.

  2. To specify the package you want to add, click Add or Upgrade Packages.

  3. Type the full path to the package that you want to add. Use the UNC or HTTP path format, for example \\servername\sharename\foldername\packagename.appv or http://server.1234/file.appv, and then click Add.

    You must select a package with the .appv file name extension.

  4. The page displays the status message Adding <Packagename>. Click IMPORT STATUS to check the status of a package that you have imported.

    Click OK to add the package and close the Add Package page. If there was an error during the import, click Detail on the Package Import page for more information. The newly added package is now available in the PACKAGES pane.

  5. Click Close to close the Add or Upgrade Packages page.

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