How to Migrate Extension Points From an App-V 4.6 Package to a Converted App-V 5.0 Package for All Users on a Specific Computer

Note: App-V 4.6 has exited Mainstream support.

Use the following procedure to migrate extension points from an App-V 4.6 package to a App-V 5.0 package using the deployment configuration file.

The following procedure does not require an App-V 5.0 management server.

To migrate extension points from a package from an App-V 4.6 package to a converted App-V 5.0 package using the deployment configuration file

  1. Locate the directory that contains the deployment configuration file for the package you want to migrate. To set the policy, make the following update to the userConfiguration section:

    ManagingAuthority TakeoverExtensionPointsFrom46="true" PackageName=<Package ID>

    The following is an example of content from a deployment configuration file:

    <?xml version="1.0" ?>


    xmlns="" PackageId=<Package ID> DisplayName=<Display Name>



    <ManagingAuthority TakeoverExtensionPointsFrom46="true"

    PackageName=<Package ID>



  2. To add the App-V 5.0 package, in an elevated PowerShell command prompt type:

    PS>$pkg= Add-AppvClientPackage –Path <Path to package location> -DynamicDeploymentConfiguration <Path to the deployment configuration file>

    PS>Publish-AppVClientPackage $pkg

  3. To test the migration, open the virtual application using asscoaited FTAs or shortcuts. The application opens with App-V 5.0. Both, the App-V 4.6 package and the converted App-V 5.0 package are published to the user, but the FTAs and shortcuts for the applications have been assumed by the App-V 5.0 package.

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