How to Transfer Access and Configurations to Another Version of a Package by Using the Management Console

Use the following procedure to transfer the access and default package configurations to another version of a package by using the management console.

To transfer access and configurations to another version of a package

  1. To view the package that you want to configure, open the App-V 5.1 Management Console. Select the package to which you will transfer the new configuration, right-click the package and select transfer default configuration from or transfer access and configurations from, depending on the configuration that you want to transfer.

  2. To transfer the configuration, in the Select Previous Version dialog box, select the package that contains the settings that you want to transfer, and then click OK.

    If you select transfer default configuration from, then only the underlying dynamic deployment configuration will be transferred.

    If you select transfer access and configurations from, then all access permissions, as well as the configuration settings, will be copied.

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