Release Notes for App-V 5.0

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Known Issues with App-V 5.0

This section contains release notes about the known issues with App-V 5.0.

Unable to terminate adding packages when using server PowerShell cmdlets

When you add a package using PowerShell, there is no method to exit adding new packages.

WORKAROUND: To stop adding packages, press enter after you have added the final package.

App-V 5.0 client rejects packages from servers whose SSL certificate has been revoked

When using the HTTPS protocol, the App-V 5.0 client will by default reject packages from servers whose SSL certificate has been revoked. This behavior can be turned off through configuration by modifying the VerifyCertificateRevocationList setting. Applying new configuration for this setting will not take effect until the App-V 5.0 service is restarted.

WORKAROUND: Restart the App-V 5.0 service.

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