Deploying DaRT 10

Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT) 10 supports a number of different deployment configurations. This section includes information you should consider about the deployment of DaRT 10 and step-by-step procedures to help you successfully perform the tasks that you must complete at different stages of your deployment.

Deployment Information

  • Deploying DaRT 10 to Administrator Computers

    This section describes the different DaRT deployment options for your requirements and explains how to deploy them.

  • Creating the DaRT 10 Recovery Image

    This section describes the methods you can use to create the DaRT recovery image and provides instructions to create the recovery image by using the DaRT Recovery Image wizard.

  • Deploying the DaRT Recovery Image

    This section provides information to help you decide on the best DaRT recovery image deployment option for your requirements and provides instructions on how to deploy the recovery image.

  • DaRT 10 Deployment Checklist

    This section contains a deployment checklist that can help you to deploy DaRT.

How to get DaRT

This technology is a part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP). Enterprise customers can get MDOP with Microsoft Software Assurance. For more information about Microsoft Software Assurance and acquiring MDOP, see How Do I Get MDOP (

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