Use Windows Defender Offline (WDO) for malware protection, not DaRT.

Environments that have the Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT) Defender tool deployed should instead use the Windows Defender Offline (WDO) protection image for malware detection. This applies to all currently supported versions of DaRT. These versions include DaRT 7, DaRT 8, and DaRT 8.1, together with their service packs.

About Windows Defender

The Windows Defender tool distributes anti-malware updates more frequently than the DaRT Defender tool. Because of how the Defender tool integrates into DaRT, all supported DaRT version deployments cannot apply these anti-malware updates to their DaRT images. Without these updates, the DaRT Defender tool quickly becomes outdated. To make sure of up-to-date protection at scan time, you should download Windows Defender Offline to create a bootable image for scanning.

Currently deployed DaRT images do not have to be removed or updated. We recommend that you deploy the bootable image that is provided by Windows Defender Offline for all future malware scans. Using an outdated version of the DaRT Defender tool could result in undetected malware.

For more information about Windows Defender Offline downloads and FAQs, go to the following website: What is Windows Defender Offline?.