About MBAM 1.0

Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) provides a simplified administrative interface to BitLocker drive encryption and offers enhanced protection against data theft or data exposure for computers that are lost or stolen. BitLocker encrypts all data that is stored on the Windows operating system volume and configured data volumes, which includes the Windows operating system, hibernation and paging files, applications, and the data that is used by applications.

With Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring, you can select the BitLocker encryption policy options that are appropriate for your enterprise so that you can monitor the client compliance with those policies and then report the encryption status of both the enterprise and individual computers. In addition, you can access recovery key information when users forget their PIN or password or when their BIOS or boot record changes.

Note   BitLocker is not covered in detail in this guide. For an overview of BitLocker, see BitLocker Drive Encryption Overview.

The following groups might be interested in using MBAM to manage BitLocker:

  • Administrators, IT security professionals, and compliance officers who are tasked with ensuring that confidential data is not disclosed without authorization

  • Administrators who are responsible for securing computers in remote or branch offices

  • Administrators who are responsible for servers or Windows client computers that are mobile

  • Administrators who are responsible for decommissioning servers that contain confidential data

MBAM 1.0 Release Notes

For more information and for latest updates, see Release Notes for MBAM 1.0.

Getting Started with MBAM 1.0