Deploying MBAM 1.0 Group Policy Objects

To successfully deploy Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM), you must first determine the Group Policies that you will use in your implementation of MBAM. For more information about the various available policies, see Planning for MBAM 1.0 Group Policy Requirements. When you have determined the policies that you are going to use, you must use the MBAM 1.0 Group Policy template to create and deploy one or more Group Policy objects (GPO) that include the MBAM policy settings.

Install the MBAM 1.0 Group Policy template

In addition to providing server-related features of MBAM, the server setup application includes an MBAM Group Policy template. You can install this template on any computer that is able to run the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) or Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM).

How to Install the MBAM 1.0 Group Policy Template

Deploy MBAM 1.0 Group Policy settings

After you create the necessary GPOs, you must deploy the MBAM Group Policy settings to your organization’s client computers.

How to Edit MBAM 1.0 GPO Settings

Display the MBAM Control Panel in Windows

Because MBAM offers a customized MBAM control panel that can replace the default Windows BitLocker control panel, you can also choose to hide the default BitLocker Control Panel from end users by using Group Policy.

How to Hide Default BitLocker Encryption in The Windows Control Panel

Other resources for deploying MBAM 1.0 Group Policy Objects

Deploying MBAM 1.0