How to Manage MBAM Client BitLocker Encryption Options by Using the Control Panel

A Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) control panel application, called BitLocker Encryption Options, will be available under System and Security when the Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring Client is installed. This custom MBAM control panel is an additional control panel. It does not replace the default Windows BitLocker control panel. The MBAM control panel can be used to unlock encrypted fixed and removable drives, and also manage your PIN or password. For more information about enabling the MBAM control panel, see How to Hide Default BitLocker Encryption in the Windows Control Panel.

To use the MBAM Client Control Panel

  1. To open BitLocker Encryption Options, click Start and then select Control Panel. When Control Panel opens, select System and Security.

  2. Double-click BitLocker Encryption Options to open the customized MBAM control panel. You will see a list of all the hard disk drives on the computer and their encryption status, in addition to an option to manage your PIN or passwords.

    The list of hard disk drives on the computer can be used to verify encryption status, unlock a drive, or request an exemption for BitLocker protection if the User and Computer Exemption policies have been deployed.

    The BitLocker Encryption Options control panel also allows for non-administrator users to manage their PIN or passwords. By selecting Manage PIN, users are prompted to enter both a current PIN and a new PIN (in addition to confirming the new PIN). Selecting Update PIN will reset the PIN to the new one that the users selected.

    To manage your password, select Unlock drive and enter your current password. As soon as the drive is unlocked, select Reset Password to change your current password.

Administering MBAM 2.0 Features