How to Determine BitLocker Encryption State of Lost Computers

Use this procedure with the Administration and Monitoring Website to determine the following:

  • The last known BitLocker encryption status of lost or stolen computers

  • Whether the volumes on a lost or stolen computer were encrypted

To complete this task, you need access to the Reports area of the Administration and Monitoring Website. To get access to this area, you must be assigned the MBAM Report Users role. You may have given these roles different names when you created them. For more information, see Planning for MBAM 2.5 Groups and Accounts.

Device compliance is determined by the BitLocker policies that your enterprise has deployed. You may want to verify your deployed policies before you try to determine the BitLocker encryption state of a device.

To determine the last known BitLocker encryption state of lost computers

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to the Administration and Monitoring Website.

  2. In the left pane, select Reports to open the Reports page.

  3. Select the Computer Compliance Report.

  4. Use the filter fields in the right pane to narrow the search results, and then click Search. Results are shown under your search query.

  5. Take the appropriate action, as determined by your policy for lost devices.

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Performing BitLocker Management with MBAM 2.5