How to Localize the “HelpdeskText” Statement that Points Users to More Self-Service Portal Information

You can configure a localized version of the Self-Service Portal "HelpdeskText" statement, which informs end users about how to get additional help when they are using the Self-Service Portal. If you configure localized text for the statement, as described in the following instructions, MBAM displays the localized version. If MBAM does not find the localized version, it displays the value that is in the HelpdeskText parameter.

Note   In the following instructions, SelfService is the default virtual directory name for the Self-Service Portal. You might have used a different name when you configured the Self-Service Portal.

To display a localized version of the HelpdeskText statement

  1. On the server where you configured the Self-Service Portal, browse to Sites > Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring > SelfService > Application Settings.

  2. In the Actions pane, click Add to open the Add Application Setting dialog box.

  3. In the Name field, type HelpdeskText_<Language>, where <Language> is the appropriate language code for the text.

    For example, to create a localized HelpdeskText statement in Spanish, name the parameter HelpdeskText_es-es.

    The name of the Language folder can also be the language neutral name es instead of es-es. If the end user’s browser is set to es-es and that folder does not exist, the parent locale (as defined in .NET) is recursively retrieved and checked, resolving to <MBAM Self-Service Install Directory>\SelfServiceWebsite\es\Notice.txt before finally becoming the default Notice.txt file. This recursive fallback mimics the .NET resource loading rules.

    For a list of the valid language codes you can use, see National Language Support (NLS) API Reference.

  4. In the Value field, type the localized text that you want to display to end users.

Customizing the Self-Service Portal for Your Organization

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