Preparing your Environment for MBAM 2.5

Before beginning Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) Setup, you should make sure that you have met the prerequisites to install the product. When you know what the prerequisites are ahead of time, you can efficiently deploy the product and enable its features so that it most effectively supports your organization’s business objectives.

If you are deploying Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring with Configuration Manager, ensure that you meet the additional requirements for Configuration Manager, which are listed later in this topic.

Review MBAM 2.5 deployment prerequisites

To ensure that your MBAM deployment is successful, make sure that you review and complete the required software prerequisites before you install the MBAM Client and configure the MBAM Server features.

MBAM 2.5 Deployment Prerequisites

Plan for MBAM 2.5 Group Policy requirements

Before MBAM can manage clients in the enterprise, you must download and configure Group Policy templates that are specific to MBAM, and then configure the Group Policy settings that you want for your environment.

Planning for MBAM 2.5 Group Policy Requirements

Plan for MBAM 2.5 roles and accounts

As part of the prerequisites, you must define certain roles and accounts, which are used in MBAM to provide security and access rights to specific servers and features, such as the databases running on SQL Server and the web applications running on the Administration and Monitoring Server.

Planning for MBAM 2.5 Groups and Accounts

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Planning for MBAM 2.5

MBAM 2.5 Supported Configurations

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