Viewing MBAM 2.5 Reports for the Stand-alone Topology

The Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) Stand-alone topology provides reports that you use to monitor BitLocker usage and compliance. MBAM reports key recovery activity and the compliance status of the computers and devices that it manages across your enterprise.

See the following topics for information about Stand-alone reports:

Report information Link to detailed information

Report descriptions - MBAM Stand-alone topology

Understanding MBAM 2.5 Stand-alone Reports

Instructions for generating reports - MBAM Stand-alone topology

Generating MBAM 2.5 Stand-alone Reports

If you are using the Configuration Manager Integration topology, most reports are generated from Configuration Manager rather than from MBAM. See Viewing MBAM 2.5 Reports for the Configuration Manager Integration Topology.

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Monitoring and Reporting BitLocker Compliance with MBAM 2.5