How to Back Up and Restore a MED-V Server

XML files located on the server can be backed up and then restored in case of loss of data on the server.

To back up a MED-V server

  • Back up the following files, located in <InstallDir>\Servers\ConfigurationServer:

    If the configuration has been changed from the default, the files might be stored in a different location.

    • ClientPolicy.xml

    • ClientSettings.xml

    • ConfigurationFiles.xml

    • OrganizationPolicy.xml

    • WorkspaceKeys.xml

    The ServerSettings.xml file can be backed up as well. However, if a specific configuration has been changed (for example, on the original server, the MED-V VMS directory is located in "C:\Vms" and such a directory does not exist on the new server), it can cause an error.

To restore a MED-V server

  1. Install a new MED-V server.

  2. Copy the backup files to the following directory:


  3. Restart the MED-V service.