How to Create and Test a MED-V Image

The MED-V administrator creates a MED-V image so that it can be uploaded, associated with a MED-V workspace, and then distributed to the client over the Web, added to a MED-V package, or downloaded to the client by using a third-party system. It is recommended to first create a test image and test it on MED-V client before deploying it.

When creating a MED-V image, it goes through the following stages:

  1. Local test image—A basic image that can be tested locally.

  2. Local packed image—After the image is tested, the image is packed as it existed prior to testing. No changes made during testing are included in the packed image.

  3. Packed image on server—The packed image is uploaded to the server.

How to Create a MED-V Test Image

To create a new MED-V test image

  1. Click the Images management button.

    The Images module appears.

    • The Images module consists of the following panes:

      • Local Test Images—Local unpacked images.

      • Local Packed Images—All packed images on the local computer.

      • Packed Images on Server—All images that have been packed and uploaded to the server.

    • In the Local Packed Images and Packed Images on Server panes, the most recent version of each image is displayed as the parent node. Click the parent node to view all other existing versions of the image.

  2. In the Local Test Images pane, click New.

  3. On the Test Image Creation dialog box, select the virtual machine image that you want to configure as a MED-V test image by doing one of the following:

    • In the Base image file field, type the full path to the directory where the Microsoft Virtual PC image prepared for MED-V is located.

    • Click Browse to browse to the directory where the Microsoft Virtual PC image prepared for MED-V is located.

  4. In the Image name field, type or select the desired name.

    The following characters cannot be included in the image name: space " < > | \ / : * ?

  5. Click OK.

    A new MED-V test image is created on your host computer with the properties defined in the following table.

    For more information about configuring the MED-V workspace image, refer to Configuring MED-V Workspace Policies.

Local Test Images Properties

Property Description

Image Name

The name of the test image as it was defined when the administrator created the image.

Image Path

The local path of the test image.


The date the test image was created.

How to Test a MED-V Image from the MED-V Client

After a MED-V test image is created, use the following procedure to test the image locally.

To test a MED-V image

  1. Click the Policy management button.

  2. In the Policy module, assign the MED-V test image to a MED-V workspace by doing the following:

    1. Click the Virtual Machine tab.

    2. In the Assigned Image field, select the MED-V test image you created. If your test image is not in the list, click Refresh.

    3. On the toolbar, click Save changes.

  3. Configure any other MED-V workspace settings to be tested. For more information, see Configuring MED-V Workspace Policies.

  4. Start MED-V client.

  5. In the Confirm Running Test confirmation box, click Use Test Image.

  6. Test the MED-V workspace test image.

    For information about starting and running MED-V client, see MED-V Client Operations.

While testing an image, do not open VPC and make changes to the image.

When testing an image, no changes are saved to the image between sessions; instead, they are saved in a separate, temporary file. This is to ensure that when the image is packed and run on the production environment, it is the original, clean image.

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