How to Install MED-V Client

In a deployment package-based scenario, the MED-V client installation is included in the deployment package and installed directly from the package.

When using a deployment package that does not include an image, ensure that the image is uploaded to the Web or pushed to the pre-stage folder prior to installing the deployment package.

To install a deployment package

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Download the MED-V package from the Web.

    • Insert the deployment USB or DVD into the host drive.

  2. If MED-V does not launch automatically, double-click MED-VAutoInstaller.exe.

    A dialog box appears listing the components that are already installed and those that are currently being installed.

    If a version of the Microsoft Virtual PC that is not supported exists on the host computer, a message will appear telling you to uninstall the existing version and run the installer again.

If an older version of the MED-V client exists, it will prompt you asking whether you want to upgrade.

Depending on the components that have been installed, you might need to reboot. If rebooting is necessary, a message appears notifying you that you must reboot.
  1. If necessary, reboot the computer.

    When the installation is complete, MED-V starts and a message appears notifying you that the installation is complete.

  2. Log in to MED-V using the following user name and password:

    • Type in the domain name and user name followed by the password of the domain user who is permitted to work with MED-V.

      Example: "domain_name\user_name", "password"

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