How to Update a MED-V Image

How to Update a MED-V Image

An existing MED-V image can be updated, thereby creating a new version of the image. The new version can then be deployed on client computers, replacing the existing image.

When a new version is deployed on the client, it overwrites the existing image. When updating an image, ensure that no data on the client needs to be saved.

To update a MED-V image

  1. Open the existing image in Virtual PC 2007.

  2. Make the required changes to the image, updating the image (such as installing new software).

  3. Close Virtual PC 2007.

  4. Test the image.

  5. After the image is tested, pack it to the local repository, using the same name as the existing image.

    If you name the image a different name than the existing version, a new image will be created rather than a new version of the existing image.

  6. Upload the new version to the server or distribute it via a deployment package.

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