How to Upload a MED-V Image to the Server

After a MED-V image has been tested, it can be packed and then uploaded to the server. For information on configuring an image Web distribution server, see How to Configure the Image Web Distribution Server.

Once a MED-V image is packed and uploaded to the server, it can be distributed to users by using an enterprise software distribution center, or it can be downloaded by users using a deployment package. For information on deployment using an enterprise software distribution center, see Deploying a MED-V Workspace Using an Enterprise Software Distribution System. For information on deployment using a package, see Deploying a MED-V Workspace Using a Deployment Package.

Before uploading an image, verify that a Web proxy is not defined in your browser settings and that Windows Update is not currently running.

To upload a MED-V image to the server

  1. In the Local Packed Images pane, select the image you created.

  2. Click Upload.

    The image is uploaded to the server. This might take a considerable amount of time.

    Images on the server are defined with the properties listed in the following table.

Packed Images on Server Properties

Property Description

Image Name

The name of the packed image as it was defined when the administrator created the image.


The version of the displayed image.


All previous versions are kept unless deleted.

File Size (compressed)

The physical compressed size of the image.

Image Size (uncompressed)

The physical uncompressed size of the image.

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